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Everyone who likes home knows that the real beauty comes from details. Usually, we talk more about the style, collocation and color of space. In fact, the pattern is the most important

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everyone who likes home knows that the real beauty comes from details

usually, we talk more about the style, collocation and color of space

today, we come to know a decorative element that is not often mentioned, but has a very high appearance rate.

yes, it is it is it.

pattern is an ancient decorative art. No matter in the east or in the west, all ethnic groups with a little history often have their own unique decorative patterns, such as Chinese palindromes, Kui dragon patterns, and Luohan coin patterns; European scroll pattern, flower leaf pattern; There are also the familiar British pezli patterns from India

various patterns

what are the operations of pattern decoration in modern home

decoration is like flirting with girls

the most old-fashioned patterns are often the most effective

patterns have a wide range of applications, from ceiling to floor, from plaster, wood products to cloth art, from a whole wall to floor, to a small decoration, almost everywhere and everywhere. As for the conventional usage of patterns in ceramic tiles... Well, it should be parquet and lines, such as this:

the basic function of patterns is to strengthen the artistic appreciation of space. Although most home furnishings tend to be simplified, large and beautiful patterns are still the magic weapon to create space focus

although large pieces of ground patchwork are commonly used, they really improve the level of space more than a little. Although old-fashioned, it is very effective

more foreign style

simple style can also be very exquisite

modern style pursuing simplicity and practicality and decorative patterns, both sound like water and fire are incompatible. In fact, adding a little pattern is the great trick for simple design to improve the grade

simple space is often too monotonous, and the pattern elements with unique cultural charm become the beauty responsibility of the whole space at this time, making the whole environment more delicate and beautiful

everyone says that the kitchen is simpler and more spacious. In fact, in addition to simplicity, you can also have more small tricks. The wonderful combination of Damascus and broken flowers adds some dynamism and vitality to the living environment

modern patterns

different fashion aesthetics

in addition to those hundreds of years old pattern styles handed down by families, many new pattern designs have also been born in modern design. For the current home with light decoration as the mainstream, these new patterns are undoubtedly a sharp weapon to highlight personality

braided stripes are one of the more common elements in modern patterns. The continuous use of large pieces can form a layered three-dimensional visual effect, which has a unique rhythmic beauty

geometrization and linearization are the biggest features of modern patterns, and most of them use simplified patterns to build a three-dimensional sense of vision, and change between irregular and regular. Although these elements are not as delicate and gorgeous as traditional patterns, they are very suitable for decorating modern home decoration

small hexagonal brick is not strictly a modern element, but this style has become a classic in the fashion circle. The pattern of striped cube has an illusion of three-dimensional perspective, which is full of personality and ornamental interest

only a little

temperament is completely different

patterns generally need to be coherent in pieces to have complex beauty, but this does not mean that you must not use them separately. Using patterns flexibly, even if it's just a part, or a little embellishment in a mix and match, can effectively improve the style of the whole space

the pattern pattern made of black and white stripes is similar to the unfamiliar bar code, which forms a strong contrast with the human Japanese style. If it is properly used, it will add more personality and interest without affecting the overall style

whether on the wall or on the ground, adding pattern elements appropriately to the tiles paved in pieces can easily break the monotony of the environment. Simple, it can also be a style

small patterns, big patterns

there are various decorative elements,

how will you create the grade and style of your home

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