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Welcome to share your little story with Yikang cat eye. The theme is not limited to warm, embarrassing, interesting, thrilling ~ as long as it is novel and interesting, it can attract us! Come and win a hundred yuan cash bonus

since ancient times, separation and reunion have always been an eternal topic

they can always touch the softest place in people's hearts

especially for foreigners

miss the hometown flavor in their childhood memories

miss the old house that was full of charm

miss the reunion dinner that they sat together

the more they grow up, the more afraid they are of separation

when people at home receive the news that you want to go home

they begin to think about it

prepared your most Favorite dishes

welcome your arrival

how can there be "easy" in the adult world

a phone call to tell them that they can't go back

know that they will be disappointed I will be sad

but I can only compromise

although my parents are not far away

but in the noisy and fast-paced life,

companionship has also become a luxury

we work hard

I hope my parents can live a more comfortable life in their later years

now only a smart cat's eye can help you realize

remote viewing Real time alarm monitoring

the safety outside the door of your parents' home lies in your grasp

what is more important than the safety of your parents' life


is always full of the best memories

try not to let your family wait in vain

spend more time with

Jianghu collection order

1 Active object: Mobile smart cat eye users

2 Activity theme: the story of Yikang intelligent cat's eye door

3 Solicitation form: picture/video + text (text > 100 words)

4 Solicitation requirements: clear pictures, true stories, concise content

5 Submission method: click here to fill in the questionnaire content (add a hyperlink)

6 Deadline: September 30, 2018 24:00

7 Welfare reward: select 3 excellent user stories, and each person will be rewarded with a cash red envelope of 100 yuan

8 Announcement method: follow the wechat official account "Yikang wechat mall", and the winning list will be announced in the latest tweet

9 Way of awarding: after the list was published, through the official customer service wechat (yikangbb) of Yikang, a work example of

please be kind to every old man

opposite the door, there lived a grandmother and his son's family. Grandma's old eyes were a little bad, but through the picture of cat's eye grasping fear, she didn't feel that her children took better care of her, but felt that her daughter-in-law was not very good to her, and was relieved that she went out alone, Every time I see her staggering out of the door before she reaches the elevator, I quickly close the door. It seems that I don't like her attitude that she wants her to leave quickly. Her expressions and movements have been photographed by my cat's eye. Everyone has an old day. Be kind to the old in love and reason

"little neighbor who loves singing"

recently, I found that the little girl who lives opposite my house began to like singing. Maybe he went to primary school, and his parents signed him up for talent training class. Now children are all kinds of love performances. They often sing a few voices in the corridor as soon as they go out. Recently, they sang Li Yugang's "sorrow of leaving others", and their expressions and movements were recorded by my cat's eyes. They look so cute and chubby. They circle the corridor while singing. Yikang cat's eye not only played a security role, but also made me feel the joy of my neighbors

welcome to share your little story with Yikang cat eye

the subject matter is unlimited. It can be

warm, embarrassing, interesting, thrilling

as long as it is novel and interesting, it can attract us

to win a hundred yuan cash bonus




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