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Changed its name! Cummins (Xiangyang) machining Co., Ltd. was officially renamed Cummins (Xiangyang) engine remanufacture Co., Ltd.

renamed! Cummins (Xiangyang) machining Co., Ltd. was officially renamed Cummins (Xiangyang) engine remanufacture Co., Ltd. on September 23, 2019, Cummins (Xiangyang) machining Co., Ltd. was officially renamed Cummins (Xiangyang) engine remanufacture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cummins Xiangyang remanufacture factory)

"remanufacture" not only conforms to the dynamic development of the macro market, but also highlights the important strategic position of Cummins' remanufacture business in China

Robert Enright, general manager of Cummins global new parts and remanufacture business, Wang Kaijun, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Qiao Yue, general manager of Cummins China parts business, and all employees of Xiangyang remanufacture factory witnessed this important moment

Robert Enright, general manager of Cummins' global new parts and remanufacturing business, said: "remanufacturing is a green manufacturing industry with 'high quality, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection', which is beneficial to our customers, communities and the environment."

Cummins is a pioneer and active practitioner in the remanufacturing field. With more than 50 years of remanufacturing experience, 9 remanufacturing plants and more than 3350 employees around the world, Cummins not only provides customers with more diversified and cost-effective products, but also creates huge environmental value in total, helping global sustainable development

Cummins Xiangyang remanufacture. The German standard din53436 is the most frequently used for laboratory tests in this field. The manufacturing plant is a wholly-owned Cummins company. It was officially put into operation as early as January 2010 and is committed to providing the Chinese market with Cummins original remanufactured products with excellent quality, performance and reliability

as an important part of Cummins' global remanufacturing production layout, Cummins Xiangyang remanufacturing plant can share advanced technologies and manufacturing processes incubated by global remanufacturing centers, and can be efficiently and rapidly put into local applications to ensure product stability

after nearly 10 years of development, the factory now has advanced equipment such as machining center, optical detector, three coordinates, flaw detection equipment, ultrasonic cleaner and cold support test, with an annual production capacity of 10000 sets/set of engine parts. The product line is gradually expanded to: remanufactured engine, long cylinder, medium cylinder, short cylinder, cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft, supercharger, fuel injector, urea pump and other remanufactured products, The engine and parts produced by Cummins and its joint venture company form a good supplement. The factory has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 1800 certification

Cummins Xiangyang remanufacturing factory has long carried out in-depth remanufacturing technology and production cooperation with partners such as Dongfeng Cummins, Foton Cummins, Wuxi Holset, Komatsu, Liugong and internal and external customers

Mr. Wang Kaijun, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins, said at the ceremony: "The cooperation between Dongfeng Cummins and Cummins Xiangyang remanufacture factory began nearly 10 years ago. From scratch, from small to large, remanufactured products are a perfect complement to the low-cost scheme based on the new parts of the original factory. It has enriched Cummins' post market product line by making use of simple PID control to ensure control accuracy, bringing customers a variety of choices. At the same time, it has also brought automation system choices, and continued to reduce the cost of the whole life cycle."

with the characteristics of high cost performance and reliable quality, Cummins' original remanufactured products are now widely trusted and favored by users all over the world:

meet the quality standards and specifications of the original factory. Because all products are remanufactured and assembled according to the original Cummins production standards, which fully comply with the quality standards and specifications of Cummins factory

the same excellent product performance as the new product, reliable and durable. All invalid or worn parts are replaced by pure new Cummins parts, which pass the same performance test as the new products before leaving the factory

core return, cost-effective. Customers return core parts, shorten maintenance time and reduce equipment downtime cost; Cummins has a unified standard for core recycling, and the process is simple. As long as the core meets the standard, the core deposit can be easily returned

original factory warranty, leading the industry. Cummins' original remanufactured products enjoy the industry-leading original warranty, and authorized dealers all over the world can provide customers with professional and fast services

as lijinxing, general manager of Cummins Xiangyang remanufacture factory, said: "although the remanufacture concept is still in the cultivation stage in China, the advantages of remanufactured products in reducing customer costs, green environmental protection and energy conservation and consumption reduction will certainly bring considerable market demand in the near future. The remanufacture business has a bright future and huge market opportunities."

in the future, Cummins China remanufacture business will be market-oriented, cooperate with global technical resources, cooperate with partners and customers, use innovative remanufacture technology to launch more original Cummins remanufactured products, and create more environmental benefits while meeting customers' diversified maintenance service demands. Truly implement the company's mission of "driving the world forward and realizing the most beautiful life"

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