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Cultivating successors is the most important mission of enterprise leaders

in mid-2006, I was invited to participate in the tourism activities of retired executives of the company. The first stop was Chengdu, and then I drove from Chengdu to Dujiangyan. When you go to Chengdu, you will naturally go to the Wuhou Temple to offer sacrifices to Zhugeliang. At that time, it was spring and the scenery was bright, and everywhere was lush. However, the mood of looking at Zhugeliang was not relaxed

before the famous couplet written by Zhao fan of the Qing Dynasty, "if you can attack your heart, you will eliminate yourself. In ancient times, you know that the military is not belligerent; if you don't judge the situation, you will be wrong to be lenient and strict. Later, to govern Sichuan, you need to think deeply", several old business partners and I couldn't help feeling the success or failure of Zhugeliang's life. I recall that when I was a child, I was familiar with the romance of the Three Kingdoms, which was also a loyal "fan" of Zhugeliang: in those days, Zhugeliang devised a plot to divide the world; He worked hard and died; For thousands of years, he has remained in the minds of the Chinese people as a double symbol of wisdom and morality. However, he not only failed to realize his ideal of recovering the Han Dynasty, but also Shu was the first of the Three Kingdoms to perish. Why is it the end of the operating procedures of the mortar tensile testing machine? On the bus from Chengdu to Dujiangyan, I was thinking about this problem all the way

although there were many complicated political, economic and military factors in Zhugeliang's defeat at that time, I think one of the main reasons was that he was not able to train talents. When he used the army until the rubber pattern was torn off, it was difficult for us to see the decision-making participation of the core team members. It was more the arbitrary wisdom of Zhugeliang. This habit led to the absolute dependence of the Shuhan regime on Zhugeliang, and the lack of practical training in decision-making by the majority of advisers and generals. Later, he took the position of prime minister and worked personally. He didn't spare no effort to train and train follow-up talents for the Shuhan regime, resulting in the situation that "there were no generals in Sichuan and Liaohua became a pioneer". In the end, he chose Jiang Wei as his successor, mainly leaving him in charge. He lacked careful training and guidance on how to make strategies, how to deal with internal affairs, especially the relationship with the Chengdu imperial court group. He can't do this. Even Sima Yi, his opponent, can see it. He says that Kongming "can live long with little food and trouble!", Every time I eat so little and do everything myself, I'm sure I won't live long. Sure enough, Zhugeliang soon became ill from overwork and died prematurely

I don't mean to blaspheme Zhugeliang at all. I mainly lament his misfortune, and also lament that he has delayed his own great cause in the end. In retrospect, many of us who are engaged in business have lofty ideas, great talents, and brilliant processes, but the enterprise failed in the end. What lessons should we learn from Zhugeliang

from my experience in running Lenovo, the most important revelation is that, in addition to the need for keen insight and strategic judgment, cultivating talents and selecting their own successors are probably the most important tasks for enterprise leaders

in the early days of Lenovo, the most important thing was to survive. I had a deeper understanding of the enterprise than my entrepreneurial partners and felt better about the market. Therefore, I made more decisions in that period. Later, the problem of survival was basically solved, and the enterprise demanded development. At this time, I began to pay attention to the problem of training successors

the first point of my training of yangyuanqing and Guowei is to let them gradually participate in decision-making and management. On the one hand, we seek consistency in values, ways of thinking and even working skills; On the other hand, they are required not to be "gears" for passive reception and transmission, but to be "engines" for active thinking and execution. I can guide them, but I will never replace them. The second point is to clarify the responsibilities and rights first, and then give them the opportunity and stage to grow in their work

there are several advantages in this way. First, the enterprise can avoid major decision-making mistakes and business shocks by making concerted efforts; Second, they have the power and position to mobilize their positive performance; Third, after they are in charge, I can spare time and energy to think about some more important and long-term issues related to the development of the company

at present, the problem of Lenovo's successors has been solved quite well, first yangyuanqing and Guowei, then Zhulinan, chenguodong and zhaolinghuan. Behind them, there are a group of capable people, so the talent team of the whole Lenovo family is very thick, and the cause of building Lenovo into a century old store has a good guarantee

the five enterprises under Lenovo holdings can sinter many kinds of metals as the clutch lining industry. I am most concerned about Lenovo Group. The acquisition of IBM's personal computer business is a huge challenge to Lenovo Group. To develop China's economy, it must go to the world market. All private enterprises are watching us. After all, there are few successful cases in China for enterprises to diversify. I think 5. Limit protection: it has mechanical and program-controlled limit protection functions;, To diversify, we must delegate power, and people are the first. Before diversifying, the bosses of private enterprises must ask themselves whether there are enough talents with both talents and talents? If not, the consequences of decentralization are unimaginable

the current state is actually not an ideal state, and it has not reached the state I want. Lenovo holdings is still lacking in the establishment of mechanism and the training of talents. I will not quit until these tasks are completed. For Lenovo holdings, the company needs me, and I also need the company. When all these things are done, I will retire completely

I don't think I am a workaholic. It seems that I can't live without work. I very much hope that one day I can see that all the young people are suffering. I appreciate their achievements as well as my own! (end)

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