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Brand "cultural marketing" the highest realm of Brand Communication Abstract: in brand cultural marketing, we can find the correct brand positioning, avoid advertising pollution, pursue brand beauty, and tap brand spirit, so as to make the brand popular all over the world.

in the domestic marketing field, the two keywords "marketing" and "event" are always associated. However, now more and more businesses are seeking to connect the two keywords "culture" and "marketing" and spread the brand in the way of cultural marketing

culture is the core DNA of a brand.

speaking of a brand, in addition to simple trademark symbols, we have given it too many connotations, although these connotations control the nerves of consumers with intangible thinking. But as brand managers and communicators, we must deconstruct the DNA of the brand. Who is the core DNA of the brand

some people may say that it is a product, including the quality of the product, but we should not forget that the brand is attached to the symbol on the product, and this symbol represents not only a name, but also a kind of trust, satisfaction and practicality that it directly gives consumers. It can be seen that this trust and satisfaction is the real demand of consumers on the basis of seeking practicality, and only culture represents this demand

"human beings are great because of dreams, and enterprises are prosperous because of culture." Culture is not only a halo given to the enterprise itself, but also a spirit that expresses the power of products. Dahongying and Baisha are unable to publicize their brands due to special industry restrictions. They display and spread their brands through culture. In particular, Dahongying, a man-made word, lacks internal meaning and genes for perfect interpretation. Only Dahongying people have given "Dahongying" a series of cultural drills, which makes Dahongying a "cultural Eagle" with cultural characteristics as its DNA

the concept of "emotional brand" was once popular. However, whether the brand is rational or emotional, it is a specific manifestation of cultural characteristics. When Nongfu spring just entered the mineral water market, it was already faced with several giants such as Wahaha and robust. In addition to the spread of memory points of "Nongfu spring is a little sweet", it was stained with the cultural DNA of psychological and emotional output of activities such as donating "Project Hope" and designated water for sports and cultural activities, which greatly improved the brand value of Nongfu spring and made it a high-end brand in the domestic beverage market

cultural marketing; The highest realm of brand communication

in the famous "28 laws of marketing", the "law of human nature" comes first, which also shows that those who meet the needs of human nature will be destroyed; Cultural characteristics are the most critical when placing pressure testing machines, especially in today's increasingly serious homogenization of products in the white hot market. KFC does not operate simple catering in the world, but an advocacy and mainstream catering culture. Coca Cola's success tells us that when a brand becomes a symbol of a certain culture, its communication, influence and sales are difficult to evaluate, and the brand will rise and fall with the culture it represents

when Haier created the cultural characteristic of "Haier, made in China", it was by spreading Haier culture that the brand popularity and reputation were greatly improved. When the two characters "Haier" first jumped into our vision, they were marketed with the animation culture of "Haier brothers". Later, they became the direct spokesperson of Haier brand, which is more direct and loyal than those who rely on celebrity endorsements to seek overnight fame. It also makes consumers most reliable

melatonin can be said to be a classic case of interpreting health products as gifts. The creators of melatonin incisively and vividly interpreted the cultural characteristics of "only melatonin for gifts" in the carpet advertising bombing. When people gradually regard health as the most important thing in life, following the cultural etiquette of "reciprocity" in Chinese festivals since ancient times, melatonin takes "melatonin" as a fashion culture of "giving health"

when the world famous stationery brands such as Office1 and SPMA landed and opened their own chain stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places respectively, Guangbo, a domestic stationery industry giant, also laid out its own four marketing companies in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Dubai, UAE and Melbourne, Australia. Guangbo hired more than 50 foreigners to realize the "cultural localization" of Guangbo stationery in the world. Muhammad bawazan from Arab countries said, "the difference between Guangbo and other Chinese stationery enterprises is that their stationery designs are very suitable for our tastes. They understand our Muslim culture, and we are moved by their cultural elements." In 2003, Guangbo group alone brought nearly 50million US dollars in foreign exchange income with simple and exquisite books and photo albums

the four principles of brand culture marketing

if a weak brand wants to become a strong brand, it can not be achieved overnight by relying on the first place of "king of brands" or by inviting a celebrity to speak for it. Spreading the brand through cultural marketing will be more and more recognized by businesses. However, we still need to pay attention to several aspects in the process of brand cultural marketing

1. Conform to brand positioning

to spread the brand in the form of culture, the cultural behavior itself must have a certain correlation with the brand positioning, otherwise it will only be harmful to the brand communication, and the marketing without correlation will only make consumers have a misplaced vision of the brand cognition. Some people have affirmed and questioned the cultural marketing of the Great Red Eagle. What is certain is that the Great Red Eagle has fully grasped the exciting cultural phenomenon of the Chinese people, such as the bid for the Olympic Games, and has also performed more than 100 film cultural exhibitions, which is closely related to the performance of the "spirit of the new era" by the Great Red Eagle; It is doubted that the Great Red Eagle later spread through some regional almost boring styles, which has nothing to do with the "Eagle of victory" advocated by the Great Red Eagle, and lacks the impact and sense of victory

2. Avoiding advertising pollution

as a brand's cultural marketing, although it should not be the penetration rule of "moistening things silently", it should not be the advertising bombing of the whole environment. Since 2000, the bombing of the "Harbin drug" in the national television media should have been to advocate a health culture with health as the theme. However, due to the "carpet bombing", many people have even suffered from "Harbin drug phobia". As long as they see the advertisement of Harbin drug, they will "feel dizzy and sick", and they must change the channel immediately. This can only make consumers have the suspicion of "Wangpo selling melons" to the enterprise, apathy and even disgust, and even screw up the brand. Fangtai company, which takes creating kitchen experts as its own responsibility, is always flexible and has a good size control when disseminating brands through cultural marketing. The song "make home feel better" also brings consumers a lot of intimacy

3. Pursuing brand aesthetic feeling

it is the moral standard for enterprises to seek brand value. The cultural marketing concept of the brand should not appear the "flattery" of grandstanding or affectation. Although "getting rid of it to the end" can earn a lot of attention, it is by no means the attitude of the brand to be evergreen. In the process of cultural marketing, the brand should pay attention to the art demanded by the brand value and corporate culture, as well as the beauty of pollution caused by mining around the mining area. It should be masculine and feminine. The core of Dahongying cultural marketing is to pursue a victory posture with extraordinary impact, while the core of Baisha cultural marketing should mainly depict a peaceful and elegant quwan picture. It is also a brand of kitchen range hoods. SHUAIKANG is a man who takes the lead. Mrs. Fang appeals to the housewife's wish of "making the home feel better". Zhongshan Meiri expresses the ideal of "making people live a better life". These are the "artistic beauty" that should be pursued in the brand led communication

4. Excavate brand spirit

while talking about brand culture, we must face up to and refine the brand spirit. The brand spirit is just like the enterprise spirit, which is a style and attitude shown to consumers. As a tycoon in the color TV industry, Changhong Group has always regarded the spirit of "serving the country through industry, taking national prosperity as its own responsibility, building an enterprise through strong national self-esteem and self-improvement, and providing first-class talents and making first-class contributions" as Changhong's spirit, and has learned from and excavated the brand spirit centered on "serving the country through industry" in a number of cultural activities since then. Maotai liquor, as a unique and honorable national liquor, lost its unique cultural resources and brand spirit in the past cultural marketing, and blindly displayed the ancient culture characterized by imperial power, so it was later caught up by Wuliangye and drunkards. After a series of brand integration, Maotai liquor, with its own unique and rich cultural resources, through the poetry of great men and celebrities Calligraphy and other carriers excavate the Maotai brand spirit in the new era and spread the "spirit of the new era" with kuanji and Houde! (end)

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