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Can all aluminum furniture with zero formaldehyde occupy the market trend

in terms of market, at present, traditional wooden furniture is still the mainstream, and all aluminum furniture only occupies a small part of the market, for several reasons. All aluminum furniture is a new word in China after all, and traditional wooden furniture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the public. There is still a long way to go for the public to accept and choose all aluminum furniture. In China, only people's understanding of technology and talents has changed. The development of all aluminum furniture industry is still in its infancy. Compared with foreign countries, the technology is not very mature, and there are problems such as cumbersome manufacturing process and inadequate details handling. There are also problems in the development route. The products of many manufacturers are imitation wooden furniture made of aluminum, which cannot give full play to the characteristics of all aluminum furniture. All aluminum furniture should follow its own modern and simple path, and give full play to its characteristics of all aluminum. The manufacturers producing rubber products should test the reproducibility and invariance of rubber products, and design and test the rubber formula

all aluminum furniture is made through a series of processes such as extrusion and bending. It will also detect whether the plates have defects through advanced technology. Material consumers need not worry. Moreover, current aluminum alloy materials can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees and have a service life of up to 50 years. When buying, it will save consumers worry and confidence, and save too much trouble

all aluminum furniture has a promising future

at this stage, all aluminum furniture can involve fields and products: civil furniture; Education and office; Sports and medical treatment

civil furniture: wardrobe, cabinet, dining table, cabinet, anti-static floor, decoration, bed, wine cabinet, bathroom, tea table, TV cabinet, bookshelf, aquarium, etc

educational office: family student desks and chairs, school desks and chairs, centralized office partitions, class desks, desks and chairs in large and small meeting rooms, Park seats, etc

all sports machines cannot operate normally. Medical treatment: crutches, first aid kits, stretchers, wheelchairs, sunshine rooms, all aluminum houses, etc

all aluminum furniture has better scalability than traditional furniture. Material determines strength, and strength determines usability. Many traditional furniture can't do it, or the utility is not particularly ideal. Unlike carbon nanotubes, aluminum furniture is not as expensive as carbon nanotubes. Because furniture is more functional and practical, the advantages of all aluminum furniture will be more obvious in the future development

from the perspective of the development trend of the whole furniture, the furniture industry will definitely develop in the direction of smart furniture. In other words, the furniture industry will be the world of smart furniture in the future. Many industries or industries related to building materials and building components are working hard to draft and formulate the "13th five year plan" for this industry or industry. Among them, the industry planning of smart furniture is the earliest, the most fully prepared and the most concerned

all aluminum PK solid wood, zero formaldehyde wins

traditional furniture mostly uses wood, which is dominated by all aluminum furniture in terms of reserves and ease of processing. Secondly, wood naturally grows and inevitably causes many defects. Such as: ① natural defects. Such as knots, oblique textures and defects caused by growth stress or natural damage. The branches contained in the trunk or main branch wood are called knots, which can be divided into dead knots and live knots according to the degree of contiguity; According to the material of wooden knots, they can be divided into sound knots and rotten knots. The twill of log is often called twisted grain, and that of sawn timber is called twill. ② Biological damage defects. They are mainly rotten, discolored and moth eaten. ③ Defects caused by drying and machining. Defects such as dry cracking, warping, sawcut and so on reduce the utilization value of wood, while aluminum is produced in blocks, which will not be like the inevitable defects caused by wood in the growth process

most importantly, all aluminum furniture is formaldehyde free! The price of solid wood furniture in the market is generally high. Driven by interests, many people pass inferior goods off as good, or simply pretend to be solid wood furniture, but ultimately consumers buy furniture with solid wood frames, joinery boards, multi-layer boards, imitation solid wood, veneer, and even high-density fiberboard. These synthetic plates use adhesives containing formaldehyde, benzene, benzene homologues and other materials in the production process, which can remain for years and do great harm to human body. The release problem is also a chronic problem after home decoration

due to different processes, all aluminum furniture adopts plugging, welding, screws and other fixation, without adhesives. At the same time, it is extruded large materials, and it will not use a large amount of adhesives like when splicing wood, so there is no need to worry about formaldehyde at all. So all aluminum furniture doesn't use formaldehyde containing materials at all? The answer is No. some all aluminum furniture is glued with adhesive on the European carving treatment. But the formaldehyde carried by this part is insignificant compared with man-made board. In terms of strength, due to the characteristics of aluminum, the strength is much higher than that of wood. It completely solves the problem of cracking and deformation, adapts to various ambient temperatures, and has a small expansion coefficient. It has the advantages of fire prevention, moth prevention, long-term blister and non decay. Wooden furniture is always easy to be damaged, the surface is scratched and damaged, the wood paint falls off, and the paint is fried, while the aluminum alloy material is not easy to deform, durable, and does not deform

all aluminum furniture is not the mainstream and accounts for half of the country

because smart furniture involves many fields such as Internet, information industry, manufacturing, construction, real estate, home appliance industry, etc., they all have different strategic positioning and content planning in their respective "13th five year plan". The reason why smart furniture is concerned by many industries in the 13th five year plan is that on the one hand, this emerging industry conforms to the world development trend and embraces the broad prospect of interconnection; On the other hand, the consumer market and space of this emerging industry are favored by all major industries. From the perspective of mechanical intelligent furniture, aluminum is light in weight, strong in strength, and puts less pressure on the machinery. After repeated mechanical activities, the damage may be much smaller than that of wooden furniture. From the perspective of electronic smart furniture, all aluminum furniture has a cavity, which can be better expanded. The process of making smart furniture from wooden furniture is more complex, and the cost is virtually increased

from the product direction of all aluminum furniture manufacturers at this stage, most manufacturers transfer the wood grain of all aluminum furniture to imitate the appearance and shape of traditional wooden furniture. The author believes that this cannot give play to the advantages of aluminum furniture at all. In order to reflect the modern sense in the concept of furniture, traditional furniture will add aluminum alloy elements to enhance the modern sense. Why did all aluminum furniture go back and install it as wooden furniture? All aluminum furniture, even if it is packaged like wooden furniture, is not wooden furniture, and it is impossible to have many characteristics of wooden furniture. Therefore, all aluminum furniture might as well give full play to its own characteristics, form its own furniture concept and design style, and go its own way. Compared with traditional wooden furniture, all aluminum furniture has better strength and performance. The most important point is environmental protection and formaldehyde free. The national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection is conducive to the development of all aluminum furniture industry

there is still a long way to go for all aluminum furniture to break the public's dependence on wooden furniture and make the public accept and choose it. All aluminum furniture stands together. The development direction of all aluminum furniture should not be limited to imitating the shape of traditional wooden furniture, but should give full play to its own characteristics, take its own modern and scientific route, and walk out of its own path under the concept of smart furniture

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