Can the most popular paid use of plastic bags work

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Can the paid use of plastic bags work?

the relevant plan clearly proposes that some supermarkets and shopping malls should cancel free plastic bags before the end of the year, and many citizens are worried about whether the paid use of plastic bags can work.

in the "action plan for comprehensive remediation of solid waste pollution" in the "overall plan of Guangzhou for building a national environmental protection model city" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") recently issued, It is clearly proposed that Guangzhou will choose some powerful and reputable large supermarkets and shopping malls to promote the paid use of plastic bags before the end of the year, so as to reduce the "white pollution" caused by the massive use of plastic bags by citizens. And for Guangzhou citizens who are used to using plastic bags for free, how feasible is this practice? How to promote more humanization? Conducted a visit

the daily consumption of plastic in supermarket shopping malls is up to 200 million bags in the 3-point zigzag experiment

when shopping and paying in supermarkets, staff help customers classify and pack the largest amount of polyurethane products with free plastic bags, which has become a daily life festival for Guangzhou citizens. Some shopping malls simply put plastic bags on the counter, and customers can take them and pack them at will. Statistics show that supermarkets and shopping malls in Guangzhou consume an average of 200 million plastic bags per day. This alone produces nearly 600000 tons of plastic waste every year

in addition, plastic bags sorted from garbage are difficult to recycle; At the same time, due to the need to add soil pressure during plastic bag landfill, the service life of the landfill will be significantly shortened, resulting in difficulties in greening and development and utilization after the closure of the landfill. Moreover, household garbage mixed with plastic is not suitable for composting, which will lead to crop production reduction. It is relatively difficult to incinerate plastic waste. Some garbage collectors incinerate by themselves will produce carcinogens and aggravate environmental pollution

some experts said that the implementation of the paid use of plastic bags virtually emphasized the environmental protection concept of "who pollutes, who is responsible"

"it's good for supermarkets to provide recyclable plastic bags"

when I came to some large supermarkets in Guangzhou, most citizens said that "it's related to environmental protection, which is understandable", but in practice, "it's still inconvenient for the moment"

Ms. Zhang, who is shopping in a large supermarket on Xingang West Road, said that in order to avoid pollution, citizens brought their own cloth bags or vegetable baskets for shopping with a good intention, but "it will actually bring inconvenience". This is a non-stop game, "it's convenient to use the plastic bags provided by the supermarket." She said that if the supermarket provides plastic bags for a fee, many budget conscious citizens will no longer use them and will instead bring their own cloth bags or baskets to the supermarket. However, "many people do not plan to shop every time they go shopping, so it is inconvenient to carry the basket", "when walking on the street, they suddenly want to shop without cloth bags, so they are not forced to pay for plastic bags?"

some citizens also said, "at ordinary times, supermarkets use multiple plastic bags to sub package goods in order to prevent mutual friction and wear. The experimental machine is an indispensable and important testing instrument pollution, such as separating raw and cooked foods, and separating food from daily chemical supplies. If you bring your own cloth bags, how to realize sub packaging?"

Mr. Lin, a citizen, said: "in order to avoid pollution, supermarkets should consider providing customers with recyclable and degradable environmental protection plastic bags."

supermarkets generally believe that if daily sales are not affected, providing plastic bags with compensation can save costs and is beneficial to supermarkets, "but citizens should cooperate."

the new measures need a transitional period

some sanitation experts said that the formation of citizens' awareness of environmental protection needs long-term cultivation, and the measures to promote the paid use of plastic bags also need a transitional period, which should be implemented step by step with a plan. According to his understanding, most citizens hope to reduce environmental pollution, but they are afraid of bringing inconvenience to themselves

for some citizens who proposed to replace the current plastic bags with degradable materials such as paper bags or cartons, he said: "this will cause another kind of waste. A large amount of paper may lead to a sharp increase in wood demand. Besides, I'm afraid it's another difficult problem to use what kind of paper to replace plastic bags."

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