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Can the position of the leader of photovoltaic cross-border new energy vehicles remain stable

the 2018 Beijing auto show, which has been in full swing recently, is a hot topic in the automotive industry. At the 10th global automotive industry summit held in the same period on April 26, the photovoltaic enterprise sunshine power, which is well-known in the photovoltaic industry, also came to the hot spot and appeared at the summit with the new new new energy passenger vehicle ares series electric drive products

sunshine Power Beijing released new energy vehicle electric drive products

in order to meet the power system needs of high-end new energy passenger vehicles, the Ares series products launched by sunshine power adopt mature electronic devices, new EMC solutions and bus solutions, and use three-dimensional thermal management technology for the first time to pursue the minimum energy loss, expand the controller capacity to 170kva, but the volume is only 7L, and the cross-section is less than the size of an A4 paper. According to the official statement, the combination of small size and efficient power conversion technology can save the layout space of the whole vehicle and maximize the use of battery energy, so as to improve the mileage of the vehicle

as we all know, the fatal mileage of electric vehicles restricts the development of electric vehicles. In addition to the energy density of the battery, the mileage is also determined by the weight of the car body and the space where the battery can be placed. The lighter the weight of the car body, the lower the power consumption of the electric vehicle, the smaller the volume of other parts of the car, the more battery volume it can fit, and the higher the endurance capacity

in addition to the improvement of details, the electric drive system has the most direct impact on the progress of electric vehicles. This kind of mechanical force drives the car forward. At present, the mechanical force driving the car comes from the mechanical force output by the engine and the mechanical force output by the motor. At present, it is impossible for other forms of mechanical force (flywheel, hydraulic pressure, etc.) to drive the car forward. The mechanical force of pure electric vehicles is the mechanical force from the output of the motor. Even if there is an internal combustion engine working on the vehicle, it is not suitable for the engine. Therefore, the driving effect of electric drive products on electric vehicles cannot be underestimated

cross border new energy vehicles have long been planned

as the leading enterprise of photovoltaic inverter, sunshine power will expand the application of inverter to the electric vehicle industry by virtue of the accumulation and R & D advantages of clean power conversion technology, and provide motor control system for electric vehicles. Relying on its years of development in the field of clean energy and in-depth research on power conversion, can this photovoltaic industry giant make another contribution to the new energy automobile industry, which should pay attention to leakage, pollutants, component damage and abnormal noise from pumps, couplings, etc. II) what is the shape and size of the tube

in fact, sungrow power has already begun its layout in the new energy vehicle industry. However, its main business is concentrated in solar photovoltaic, which blocks a lot of its light in the field of new energy vehicles. Since its establishment in 1997, sunshine power has been focusing on power conversion technology. In 2010, the new energy vehicle industry has just started, and sunshine power began to develop the electric drive industry of new energy vehicles. It has to be said that the boss's vision is still relatively long-term. For this reason, he also specially set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of the automotive business - Sunshine Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., which sold more than 28000 electronic controls in 2017

as early as June 15, 2016, sungrow power announced that it had reached an agreement with Shanghai SAIC Anyue Charging Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Anyue charging") on cooperation in the fields of new energy vehicle charging piles, optical storage integrated charging stations, distributed photovoltaic and so on, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which is valid for five years

according to the agreement, the cooperation includes the construction and operation of new energy vehicle charging stations, intelligent charging three-dimensional parking garages, optical storage and charging facilities, charging piles, etc. Specifically, the two sides plan to jointly establish a joint venture to build and operate electric vehicle charging stations, charging piles, intelligent charging three-dimensional parking garages and other facilities; And explore the new mode of integrated application of photovoltaic distributed generation and energy storage and electric vehicles; At the same time, explore and carry out electric vehicles, charging piles, and new intelligent transportation operation and management modes, which make the production of materials more effective by reducing the number of experiments required to incorporate atomic design into the manufacturing process. Energy distributed generation and electricity are organically combined

the cooperation with SAIC Anyue charging means that under the same conditions, SAIC Anyue charging will be able to give priority to purchasing, and recommend to SAIC to purchase photovoltaic, energy storage, electric vehicle products, technical solutions and solutions produced and provided by sunshine power. Through the strategic cooperation with SAIC Anyue charging, sungrow power is expected to boost its step-by-step penetration in the field of new energy vehicles by leveraging the hand of SAIC Group, and realize complementary advantages by giving full play to the advantages of all parties...

whether energy storage and new energy vehicles can be perfect and solid. The force measurement control system is composed of high-precision bidirectional symmetrical torque sensors, measurement amplifiers, etc; The displacement measurement control system is composed of photoelectric encoder, frequency doubling shaping circuit, counting circuit, etc

the early layout in the field of new energy vehicles has made the new energy vehicle drive system of sungrow power supply used in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hefei, Nanchang, Dalian, Hangzhou and other places of pure electric large, medium and small commercial vehicles, passenger cars, logistics vehicles and other new energy vehicle products, with a conversion efficiency of 98.5%. The business in the charging market, thanks to government support and congenital location advantages, sunshine power has occupied most of the charging business in Anhui market

in addition to the layout of electric motor control market and charging market, the layout of sunshine power in the field of new energy vehicles also includes energy storage business

at present, several projects of energy storage lithium battery of sunshine power have been put into operation. As one of the earliest suppliers of micro integrated solutions, the products have been used in many demonstration projects and run well. At the same time, the lgwh energy storage lithium battery project (with an output value of 3 billion) in cooperation with Samsung was put into operation in 2016, with an energy density of 180wh/kg and a cycle number of 5000 times, which is ready for commercialization. In addition, the previous cooperation agreement on energy storage and frequency modulation demonstration project signed with Shanxi Guoke energy conservation involves 120mwh installed capacity of lithium battery, with a corresponding amount of 360million yuan. In addition, with the expansion of overseas markets, sunshine power was recognized by the North American market again in 2018, and successfully signed projects with a capacity of more than 50mwh

with the implementation of national policies to encourage and support energy storage to participate in renewable energy peak shaving, the energy storage industry is bound to usher in great development. As one of the seven emerging industries of China's strategic development, new energy vehicles. With clean power conversion technology and long-term vision in the photovoltaic industry, this photovoltaic tycoon has made in-depth layout in the new energy vehicle industry. Through the planning of electronic drive products, charging market and energy storage market, can he make another achievement with the east wind of new energy vehicles? We will wait and see

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