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Enterprise logistics: can it be outsourced

any link of enterprise business should not be a weakness. Outsourcing logistics to third-party logistics providers is not simply focusing on core business, but changing to the control and management of partners

now many people are talking about enterprise logistics outsourcing. They believe that as long as enterprises focus on production, it is the best choice for enterprises to hand over transportation and warehousing businesses to logistics companies. In fact, things are not so simple

it must be clearly stated that outsourcing is a problem that enterprises exchange with each other and are good at solving. Outsourcers are good at business operation. Cobalt accounts for 16% of 3-yuan batteries (1) 8%, and the outsourcer should establish and improve the management of outsourcers

outsourcing should be analyzed from the perspective of value chain division of labor. Mature outsourcing business has two conditions: the first condition is that the enterprise's own business is more reasonable and modularized

if the enterprise business modularization is done well, logistics can be outsourced. If it is not done well, it should be outsourced. Although the low level of business is the result of many aspects, it reflects the poor sorting of business and poor modularity, which often leads to bad stripping of business, and it is difficult to outsource logistics

<"whether it's shock damping that can withstand a wide temperature range p> I'm generally accepted for" core business at present "The view of supporting logistics outsourcing does not agree, at least its persuasion is not enough. Any part of the value chain is important and indispensable, and no link should be a weakness. Logistics outsourcing is not because enterprises think logistics is not important, but when we tell enterprises that it should focus on its main core business, we actually make a positive judgment, and this statement is problematic.

most household appliance enterprises outsource logistics.

the second condition of outsourcing is that an enterprise will consider outsourcing only if it believes that the logistics company can do better than him. Outsourcing is sometimes a problem of economic rationality, but sometimes it needs to be above rationality. A rational enterprise will consider its control over the outsourcing part

in recent years, too much attention has been paid to the operational capabilities of logistics itself, such as planning, transportation, storage up to 0.001 ⑴ 000mm/min, thinking that with these capabilities, logistics outsourcing can be undertaken, without considering whether the enterprise has confidence in the control ability of third-party logistics. Even if the enterprise has and believes that it has such control ability, it still refuses to outsource, which is the problem of trust. At this time, whether to outsource or not becomes a rational problem

what else does an enterprise need to make outsourcing decisions? The current analysis tools of value chain and supply chain emphasize too much on the process links of the chain, such as planning, procurement, production, transportation, warehousing, etc., which may be affected by the idea of business process reengineering

it is right to emphasize specialization in value chain analysis, and there is nothing wrong with analyzing core business capabilities, but it ignores the fact that enterprises have a reasonable desire to control the whole supply chain. The first step to meet this desire is to establish control capabilities, and the premise is to understand such a truth: the roles of both parties, especially the enterprise (outsourcing party), have changed from the previous operation capabilities to the control and management capabilities of external partners, rather than simply focusing on core business. After outsourcing, enterprises fully implement the dynamic management of "in and out", which will transform the management of people and assets into the management of logistics service contracts

how to make the enterprise not feel out of control in terms of arrangement is a great challenge, which is not only a problem of cost and service level, because these are relatively easy to solve. Third party logistics enterprises should help enterprises face this new challenge. (end)

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