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Can glass prices continue to rise - further de capacity

further de capacity of glass. Recently, the official of the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the notice on the special supervision of the elimination of backward production capacity in the cement and glass industry. According to the notice, during the supervision period, a total of 66 flat glass enterprises were checked on site, and it was found that there were still such phenomena in the country. As for the search engine, 16 flat glass enterprises used backward processes and equipment that were officially eliminated by the state, with a production capacity of 14.562 million weight boxes

the inspectors found that the main problems include the lagging work in some areas, the problems of illegal construction and production still exist, and the incomplete elimination of backward production capacity. In some regions, the effect of forcing production capacity to withdraw by legal means is not obvious, the main body of enterprises is not implemented, and the supervision of regional functional departments is still weak

the environmental protection department stressed that all localities should strengthen supervision, further ascertain the current situation of the cement and flat glass industry, re verify and re screen the list of production capacity, especially identify and deal with the problem of "building large ones in batches" of production capacity, improve and actively disclose the construction project library of the cement and flat glass industry in the region as soon as possible, freeze the production capacity base, and further improve the cement and flat glass industry The uniformity of temperature field lays a solid foundation for productivity work in order to more accurately simulate the actual environmental conditions that products suffer in nature

according to the capacity reduction scale plans announced by various regions, Henan, Jiangsu and Jilin plan to eliminate more than 10million tons of excess capacity within two to three years; Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Hainan, Qinghai, Sichuan and other places have reduced the excess capacity of cement by 1-3 million tons

prices are expected to continue to rise

although judging from the supervision results of the environmental protection department, the cement and glass industries are still full of problems. However, we have to admit that under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, the production capacity of the two industries has been reduced, and the product price once soared

since last year, the environmental protection supervision of the glass industry has also become stricter. If the environmental protection of manufacturers fails to meet the standard, they will either stop production, or increase desulfurization and de power supply to instigate the improvement of light and nitrate equipment. It has been hundreds of years to decompose a glass bottle. In recent years, the glass industry is also facing the situation of random inspection of environmental protection at any time. Most of the enterprises with backward production capacity closed down last year. If environmental protection does not meet the standard this year, some enterprises are also facing a delay in resuming production

in August last year, due to environmental protection supervision, the rise in the price of upstream raw materials, and the high atmosphere of the real estate market, the national average price of glass rose from 1289 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month to 1564 yuan/ton at the end of the month, with a monthly increase of more than 20%. Since then, glass prices have remained strong, and now the national average price is 1548 yuan/ton

"the glass industry is also about to enter the peak season after the middle and late August. At present, prices in some regions have started to rise. After the strengthening of environmental protection in multiple industries in late winter, if the price of soda ash and quartz sand products involved in the upstream of glass is increased, it may also drive the glass price to continue to rise."

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