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Langmai Duoli wardrobe focuses on the R & D, manufacturing, sales and distribution of customized furniture, providing Chinese users with "professional, environmental friendly, fashionable and high-quality" household products and services, and the 14 characteristic reasons for choosing langmai Duoli wardrobe

the 14th characteristic reasons for choosing langmai dolly wardrobe

(I) special plates, affordable

langmai? Dolly's cabinet boards are all made of E0 grade 18mm or 25mm thick solid wood particle boards, which have imported melamine double finishes, and fully use imported 1.2mm thick PVC edge banding. Imported high-temperature edge banding glue is selected to ensure that the edge banding will never fall off. The boards are more environmentally friendly and healthier, which is far higher than the national E1 standard. Langmai? Dolly independently developed melamine decorative paper, which has unique colors and a variety of surface treatment (relief and solid wood) processes, such as British white oak, European teak, Leeds chicken wing wood, etc. once launched, it is deeply loved by the majority of consumers

(II) aluminum profiles are genuine

langmai? Dolly aluminum profiles are all made of light metal aerospace aluminum titanium alloy, with a full thickness of 1.2mm, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to deform. Langmai? Dolly aluminum profile is designed and invested by itself, with beautiful shape, strong three-dimensional sense, and adopts advanced surface treatment technology, never leg color

(III). Special pulley

langmai? The wear resistance of Dolly high hardness carbon steel pulley is higher than that of ordinary industrial plastic wheels. High hardness carbon steel is equipped with NSK Bearings imported from Japan, so that the bearing capacity of the pulley is more than 230kg, which meets the needs of ultra-high and wide doors, ensures the service life of 300000 push-pull, and is equipped with a shock absorption positioning system to effectively prevent the sliding of the door body, and the sliding is smooth and free

(IV). Special guide rail

langmai? Dolly guide rail is made of light metal aerospace aluminum titanium alloy, with high strength and no deformation. Unique convex rail, practical and beautiful, convenient for cleaning, uniform stress, smooth push and pull, lighter and quieter

(V). Special pants pass

Lang Mai? Dolly's new pants have a new highlight: uniqueness. The material is titanium aluminum alloy, with a diameter of 12mm, which has sufficient load-bearing capacity. The rubber strip is inserted above, which fundamentally solves the problem of slipping of traditional pants. Elegant and beautiful appearance, and anti steering positioning device

(VI). Fashionable push-pull mirror

is made exclusively by aluminum alloy edging process, which changes the problem of bending deformation of traditional push-pull mirror. Choose langmai? Dolly is assembled with unique accessories, which is simple, practical, safe and reliable. There is langmai in the upper right corner of the mirror? Dori laser marking ensures brand quality and reputation

(VII). Trackless access door

simple design, convenient assembly and debugging, and completely universal frame material, breaking the limitation that the traditional trackless access door, frame material is not universal and must be dedicated, solid and durable, and quality assurance

(VIII). Power switch

langmai? Dolly's exclusive design and development of the sliding door power switch realizes the lamp installed in the wardrobe, which is synchronized with the sliding door, which is convenient and lifelike. The design contact point of the power switch is completely isolated from the power supply, safe and convenient, reflecting the humanized design concept

(IX). Cold veneering process

imported PVC cold veneering process with the same color as the plate adopts original imported veneering equipment, PVC material and glue, so that the sliding door frame, panel and cabinet body are coordinated and unified, the color is consistent, and the quality is superior. The sliding door frame treated by the cold veneering process has high strength and does not deform, fundamentally eliminating the foaming, glue opening and uneven phenomenon caused by hot veneering and manual veneering

(x). New PVC shutter door plate

the new PVC shutter door plate is not made of high molecular synthetic fiber PVC material of general wood plate, but is treated with high temperature glue free thermal veneer at 200 ℃, free of formaldehyde release, excellent moisture-proof and waterproof function, solid and durable without deformation. The new PVC shutter board is cleverly combined with the sliding door frame and cabinet board, with diverse colors and strong three-dimensional sense, which will surely add a unique scenery to your room

(XI). Design of circular arc door panel

creative design style, exquisite craftsmanship, and perfect product portfolio are the representative works of langmai Dori wardrobe technology. The overall wardrobe production process has reached the top level of the industry. Make customers feel at ease and satisfied. Reflect the production differentiation, high technology and competitiveness of our products

(XII). Solid wood veneer wire drawing high-end modeling door panel

the customized wardrobe industry market is the exclusive first high-end modeling door panel with solid wood veneer and wire drawing. The three-dimensional sense of wood grain is very strong and the sense of massiness is obvious, which is our product patent. This process improves the added value of the product and enhances the selling points and advantages of the product. This series of products are high-end, atmospheric, beautiful and have the on-site effect of solid wood home decoration, but the delivery time is shorter than that of solid wood, and the price is much lower than that of solid wood

(XIII). Excellent marketing team, professional design team and good after-sales service system

our company cultivates the market carefully. The national market is managed by regions to ensure the arrival rate of the company's personnel, and continuously improve the ability of store management and market operation. The marketing department of the company plans and formulates national large-scale promotional activities, and franchisees are linked nationwide. In addition, the company must carry out systematic training for relevant personnel in the opening store to carry out professional knowledge, sales ability and management ability. Sales training on product knowledge, product pricing, contract signing, customer communication and service of shopping guides. Designer's product specification, on-site measurement, design drawing and other system training. Installation technicians' installation skills, map reading, maintenance training, and participation in actual installation training. The store manager shall be trained in store management, order management, customer service and other special training, and the trainees shall be examined and issued certificates (work with certificates)

(XIV). Rich family home customization product series

langmai Dolly's wardrobe and home furnishing product series are diversified, with European, simple European, Chinese, modern and other home furnishing options. As long as you can think of products, we can serve you. The main wardrobe series include: wall type wardrobe, integral wardrobe, supporting wardrobe and top cabinet. Bookcase series; Computer series; Cloakroom series: corner cloakroom without door, corner cloakroom with door, open cloakroom. Sliding door series: wardrobe door, partition door, folding door. Living room supporting series: porch cabinet, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, dining side cabinet, room cabinet. Bedroom supporting series: bed, bedside table, bed tail, dressing table, dressing stool, bucket cabinet, bay window. Guest room series: tatami, flip storage bed. Children's suites, study, commercial display cabinets, office supporting series and other customized home furnishings. Basic one-stop shopping, professional design, high, medium and low product price combination, perfect matching, to meet customers of all ages

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