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Blockboard is commonly known as big core board. It is one of the main varieties of wood-based panels for decoration. It is mainly used for furniture manufacturing and decoration of doors, windows, ceilings, etc. If used improperly, it is also the material most prone to environmental problems

non environmental protection Blockboard directly causes indoor pollution. Even if environmental protection products are used too much, it is easy to cause cumulative pollution. The 10 compulsory national standards for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of large core board and related board products must be less than or equal to 1.5mg/l. Large core board meeting this standard is called E1 grade

in the newly issued national recommended standards, the formaldehyde emission of blockboard has increased the new E0 standard - the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.5mg/l, which can control the formaldehyde emission of wooden products, so as to reduce indoor pollution and protect consumers' health

at present, there are many Blockboard brands in the market, most of which are E1 grade products. At present, only mainstream brands such as Tengfei, Penghong and Jinqiu have E0 grade blockboard, and the unit price is only 20-30 yuan higher than E1 grade products. Among them, the price of Tengfei is 138 yuan/piece, and the price of Penghong is 148 yuan/piece. Jinqiu sellers say that they have E0 level products but do not have them

according to the introduction of a brand technician, the wide difference in the market price of blockboard is a normal phenomenon, which mainly depends on the production cost of the board. If the cost is high, the natural market price is high. The core cost price of E1 grade first-class Blockboard is about 60 yuan, the cost price of medium board and panel is about 30 yuan, and the labor cost is about 100 yuan. Therefore, consumers of large core board with more than 100 yuan in the market are more at ease. The cost of blockboard with E0 grade superior products will increase by about 30%, so when consumers buy E0 grade blockboard, those with a price of more than 130 yuan are more assured

at present, the formaldehyde emission of some environmentally friendly BLOCKBOARDS is only 0.1mg/l; The moisture content after drying is only 6% - 8%; The accuracy of the core plate can reach within 0.1mm, and the panel is more flat and smooth





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