Construction process of wall and floor tiles

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?? ① Before construction, roughen the wall surface to be covered with face bricks according to regulations; The face bricks shall be soaked in water for at least 4 hours before inlaying

?? ② Each piece of face brick must be inlaid tightly, and the thickness of mortar should reach 6 ~ 10mm. The contact between tiles shall be free of gaps, with uniform gaps, surface deviation of no more than 2mm, and joint height of no more than 0.5mm

?? ③ The external corners of the tiles shall be spliced at 45 degrees, the arrangement of non whole tiles at the edge and corner shall be reasonable, and the size of the cut tiles shall be accurate and straight

?? ④ The tiles shall be pasted firmly without hollowing out. The pattern of ceramic tile is clear, without stain, mortar mark, color difference, crack, corner falling, lack of stem and other phenomena

?? ⑤ After the floor tile is paved, the brick surface should be covered with cardboard, and it should be at least 24 hours before walking on the brick surface




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