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Blooming flowers, Retro Old lattices, brown indifference and elegance, simple and elegant exquisite wallpaper... The pastoral style Meiju is so unique, there is no worldly luxury, let alone the hustle and bustle of the city, where you will only experience the beauty of quiet. Let's enjoy the idyllic decoration effect of Lanjing international owner's home with two bedrooms and one living room with Xiaobian

style analysis: rural style refers to a way of decoration with building materials with "rural" style. Simply put, it is a work or school that takes the unique natural characteristics of fields and gardens as the formal means, has a certain degree of rural life or rural art characteristics, and shows the content of natural leisure

decoration files:

decoration community: Changhang Lanjing international decoration company: Jiangnan beauty decoration house type: two rooms and one living room decoration method: half package decoration style: pastoral style contract amount: 50000

the spacious floor to ceiling windows introduce sufficient natural light to the room, while penetrating the vast outdoor world into the eyes, broadening the vision, inadvertently making the mind broader, and fully realizing the significance of taking a step back, Laid the tone of a comfortable life. The green and dark red lattice floor curtains are simple and natural, the pink flowers, the white one-line fabric sofa is small and exquisite, the solid wood tea table with brown countertop and the large chandelier with black light frame. The decoration of every decoration in the living room in the picture is just right, rendering the fresh and natural pastoral style, adding an elegant style to life

the ceiling decorated with light wood color boards first establishes the natural and elegant style of pastoral style. Light colored square tiles are laid on the background wall of the upper part of the kitchen obliquely, making the space appear low-key and elegant, while the lower part of the kitchen background wall is decorated with gray green tiles, which radiates the natural richness and freshness of the kitchen space. The scenery in the decoration pictures as a whole gives people the feeling of being in a Xanadu as quiet and beautiful

Beige wallpaper is pasted on the background wall of the whole bedroom, creating a warm atmosphere and inadvertently improving the quality of sleep. The brown solid wood double bed and the matching solid wood desk are healthy and environmentally friendly, which fully shows the natural simplicity of the pastoral style, and the red and white lattice chandelier on the ceiling has become the highlight of the decoration design in the picture, which is playful and cute, and enlivens the atmosphere of the space

[community profile] Changhang Lanjing international is located in the core area of the optical valley, at the intersection of Guanshan Avenue and Xiongchu Avenue. The geographical location is very superior and the transportation is extremely convenient. The planned net land area of Changhang bluecrystal international is 82398.08 ㎡, the plot ratio is 2.8, the total construction area is 307539.81 ㎡, and the greening rate is 35%. The whole project is divided into three phases of development, and the total construction area of phase I is 72132.06 ㎡

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