Three elements of overall cabinet design

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Three elements of overall cabinet design

facing the growing cabinet market, the Chinese market has great attraction for foreign well-known brands. More and more brands join the industry, the competition with Chinese local brands will become increasingly fierce, and the speed of industry reshuffle will also be accelerated. So what will be the development trend of China's cabinet industry in the future

strengthen the practicability of cabinet design

the survival of enterprises depends on consumers, so it is necessary to clarify the product customer group and meet the needs of the target customer group, so as to realize the value that enterprises want. At present, the Post-70s are gradually retreating behind the scenes and the post-90s are cynical, so the post-80s who are "starting a family" and starting a career naturally become our main target group. People born in the "post-80s generation" are representatives of fashion and internationalization. The times have given them strange ideas and publicized personalities. They need distinctive highlights in life to adapt to the more advanced stream of consciousness. Streamlined cabinet design meets this feature, and the perfect curve adds bright colors, making the whole cabinet full of youthful vitality

simple style cabinets are generally large drawers or sliding doors, while small drawers are less. In addition to the classic and noble appearance, many European cabinets have more small drawers. The biggest advantage of this design is that it can classify and store items, which is convenient to use. Some small foods are not easy to taste when put together, and they look exquisite in appearance. The rhythm of modern life reminds people to pay attention to efficiency all the time. This concept has also achieved a new design concept that emphasizes the philosophy of home life. Adding more categories to small drawers meets this demand of modern people

strengthening of environmental awareness

in recent years, with the strengthening of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, in order to eliminate the harmful gases left in the room after home decoration, consumers generally choose to stay after decoration for at least three months, which brings great inconvenience to consumers' lives. According to the recent kitchen decoration pollution survey, nearly 70% of newly decorated families have exceeded the standard of formaldehyde content in the kitchen, and 60% of the installation is not standardized. These unqualified factors lead to potential safety hazards in the kitchen. The overall kitchen with environmentally friendly and healthy materials, humanized design and intelligent kitchen electricity will be the first choice of consumers, so environmentally friendly cabinets will become the biggest selling point of cabinets in recent years

for cabinet enterprises, environmental protection cabinets reflect the comprehensive production capacity of the enterprise, not just the use of environmental protection materials. In October, 2006, the national industrial standard "residential integrated kitchen" clearly stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of cabinet products must be less than or equal to 9mg/100g. Insiders emphasized that the production of cabinets is a systematic project, and the plate is only a kind of base material used in processing. Many factors will affect the environmental protection quality, such as the use of hot melt adhesive for edge banding, door panel paint and other raw materials. Formaldehyde widely exists in these raw materials. At the same time, the processing technology and the design level of enterprises will affect the environmental protection performance of cabinets. The degree of environmental protection of cabinets will become a crucial factor restricting the market competitiveness of enterprises, and it is also an important embodiment of the comprehensive production capacity of enterprises

humanization trend

people say that the poor are better than the hall and the rich than the kitchen. Kitchen and bathroom are the key to evaluate the quality of life of a family. Today, with the rapid development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. A master who has high requirements for the quality of life will naturally pay attention to the kitchen, the creative place of appetite. In the kitchen setting, cabinets undoubtedly account for the largest part. A small detail of cabinets has a far-reaching impact on future life. In fact, the design of cabinet accessories directly determines whether the kitchen cabinet is convenient to use, the quality, service life and comfort of the cabinet, and directly reflects the quality of the cabinet. For example, a damping design can bring great convenience, not to mention new panel and countertop materials

the foothold of businesses lies in the needs of consumers, and the most basic requirements of consumers for kitchens are clean, environmentally friendly and easy to take care of. Install some automatic configuration in the kitchen to make cooking easier and more interesting. Maybe more and more people will fall in love with these more intimate and convenient humanized kitchens

in short, in the future cabinet market, integrating humanization into the brand characteristics of enterprises will also greatly enhance the popularity of products




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