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In the next five years, floor tiles will withdraw from the main stage of home decoration, and wooden floors will replace them. Will floor tiles really be far away from home decoration

after careful calculation, it is found that a ceramic tile with a price of 300 yuan and a labor cost of 40 yuan can completely buy a square meter of solid wood flooring with superior materials, or a 3-5 square meter of laminate flooring. Under the same price conditions, the choice of wood flooring is certainly more cost-effective than floor tiles

than maintenance: wood flooring consumes more energy, and it is a thing of the past that wood flooring is difficult to maintain. Now both solid wood flooring and laminate flooring have greatly improved their wear resistance, and laminate flooring avoids many problems of later maintenance because of its good wear resistance coefficient. The floor tiles will appear black cracks because they are not easy to clean and take care of for a long time, and the floor tiles will become darker and darker because of dirt, which will not only affect the beauty but also affect the health. In particular, if a piece breaks down, all the floor tiles need to be replaced, which is very wasteful. The wooden floor can be replaced in a single piece in a similar situation, which is very convenient

environmental protection: wood flooring can adjust the air humidity. Many people believe that solid wood flooring is afraid of water and will arch when damp, while floor tiles are not afraid of water and easy to take care of. In fact, floor tiles are indeed cleaner than wood floors, but it is a misunderstanding to say that wood is afraid of water. For example, good teak is the best material for making ships, which can be called Millennium non rotten

wood floors can absorb moisture, especially for residents living on the first floor. Wood floors are the most suitable. In winter, the house will not feel cold. Because the floor tiles can't absorb moisture, the room will be colder in winter when the moisture increases. In addition, the wooden floor has more affinity, and children are willing to run around barefoot

psychological experts also suggest that laying wooden floors at home can reduce noise, which will make people more relaxed than laying floor tiles. It has a pressure relieving effect on more and more stressed urbanites. Pursuing a more environmentally friendly and comfortable living environment is the common aspiration of urban people today, and the effect of home decoration is becoming more and more comprehensive





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