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Wacker launched two new adhesives in China

Wacker launched two new adhesives in China

October 14, 2019

recently, at the 2019 China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition, Wacker exhibited two new products for adhesives in China for the first time

among them, nexiva PA 210 redispersible friction and wear testing machine is a testing machine for testing the friction and wear properties of materials and lubricants under given conditions. Latex powder can be used to prepare powdered two-component (EPI) wood adhesive. Compared with the conventional water-based adhesive lotion, this solid powder solves the problem of product transportation and storage in northern China in winter, and makes the construction process simpler. It only needs to add water to mix, and the bonding performance is also better. HDK H21 fumed silica with high hydrophobicity can be quickly and efficiently mixed with polar adhesives. Because of its excellent rheological properties in epoxide based, vinyl ester based and polyurethane based adhesives, it can be used to prepare industrial adhesives with strong sagging resistance. In the same period, Wacker will also exhibit a series of high-performance geniosil jh-d silane modified polymers used in the construction and industrial fields from the previous and current situation

nexiva PA 210 solves the problem of winter transportation and storage of EPI wood glue in northern China. The products prepared with simple accessories and devices do not need heat preservation treatment, which can significantly reduce the cost caused by packaging and packaging waste. In addition, nexiva PA 210 has better adhesion performance than conventional aqueous adhesive lotion. According to the D4 Standard Test (en-204), the shear strength of the product prepared with nexiva PA 210 exceeds 5MPa, about 40% higher than that of the general-purpose lotion product

another new product launched by Wacker in this exhibition is HDK. Because HDK does not know the experimental method of material tensile testing machine, H21 ultra pure gas phase silica. The particle specific surface area of the product is large. Although it has strong hydrophobicity and nonpolarity, it can mix with polar liquids more quickly than other hydrophobic fumed silica products. Especially in polar systems such as epoxy resin, vinyl ester and polyurethane adhesives, this product has excellent rheological properties, which can help factories shorten processing time and manufacture high-performance adhesives more efficiently

hdk H21 is an ideal rheological additive for high-strength industrial adhesives. It can be used as chemical anchoring adhesive for heavy concrete structures, adhesive for automobile body parts, and structural adhesive for wind turbine blades

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