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Wallpaper makers improve the process "shopping" latex paint regardless of cost

wallpaper makers improve the process "shopping" latex paint regardless of cost

July 4, 2008

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[Chinese paint information] Chinese traditional home style always likes "four white landing", so latex paint has always been loved by ordinary people. When European wallpaper came into the decoration of ordinary Chinese families, the latex paint that had occupied almost all the territory of Chinese families for a long time began to fall out of favor

the price of emulsion paint seems to be slightly higher than that of the long-term investment cost.

at present, wallpaper has been widely used in the decoration of apartments and public places, but the constant updating of its process and its close combination with fashion have gradually attracted the attention of ordinary consumers. However, due to the price of wallpaper, ordinary consumers are still deterred from it

many consumers think that painting is the most affordable way of wall treatment. Because of its low price, the price of a roll of mid-range wallpaper is about 100~200 yuan. If you make a wall of 5 square meters with a small roll of wallpaper, it will cost 6000~12000 yuan to build a house of 100 square meters. The use of medium-grade emulsion paint (including auxiliary materials and labor costs) in a 100 square meter house will not exceed 5000 yuan

in this regard, Mr. youdachuan, general manager of horizon wallpapers, believes that the normal use time of wallpapers is years. Latex paint needs to be painted again every year, especially when the door frame is touched by more hands. The latex paint is easier to get dirty, but the wallpaper is easy to scrub. In the long run, the cost of the two inputs is equal

80% of households are used for local decoration, and insiders are optimistic about the market.

according to interviews with a number of wallpaper sellers, the materials of wallpapers are divided into PVC, paper, cloth art, metal mixture, etc., of which more than 90% of civil wallpapers are PVC. At present, the domestic wallpaper consumer group is gradually expanding from high-end apartments and villas to ordinary residences, and the market share can reach about 20%, of which more than 80% of consumers will use wallpaper for local decoration if they flow out in line

"at present, the domestic consumer group is expanding, and we are more and more optimistic about the wallpaper market." This is the truth of many wallpaper sellers. According to authoritative data, the total consumption demand of Chinese wallpaper in 2005 was 36million volumes, an increase of about 13% per year in the past. By the end of 2007, this figure had been refreshed to 42million volumes

in addition, experts in the industry tell that Japan and South Korea have the highest utilization rate of wallpapers, and more than 90% of indoor walls are covered by wallpapers. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the utilization rate of wallpaper is also more than 50%-60%. However, in China, the utilization rate of wallpaper as interior wall decoration material is relatively low, only 2%-3%, which undoubtedly shows that there is a huge market potential in China

technology helps wallpaper to be widely popularized in people's homes. The advantage of

wallpaper is that it has rich and colorful patterns and tastes fashionable and gorgeous. Whether it is fashionable, elegant or idyllic, almost all popular bedroom style wallpapers can be easily created. On the contrary, latex paint is more limited to the simple style of home decoration. In terms of technology, the dielectric properties of PTFE composites have been studied. Wallpaper has bid farewell to the foaming process in the early 1990s and adopted a more environmentally friendly papermaking process

in terms of construction technology, formaldehyde emission of emulsion paint has always been a major problem that puzzles consumers, and wallpapers are more environmentally friendly. As people's quality of life continues to improve, their environmental standards are also gradually improving. Therefore, more and more consumers turn their attention to wallpapers

at the same time, consumers also pointed out that if wallpaper wants to enter the common people's home, it also needs to have a "common people's price". Ordinary domestic wallpaper costs RMB per square meter, while imported wallpaper costs hundreds of yuan. In this way, the hydraulic universal testing machine usually only has an increased price, which is not easy for ordinary people to accept. In this regard, the insiders see it this way: "the popularity of wallpapers among consumers and their prices affect each other. The market cannot absorb the rapid increase of lithium hydroxide products." If more people consume, the price of wallpaper will naturally fall. Now consumers buy a roll, and the natural cost of small-scale production cannot come down

wallpapers are now gaining momentum. It is said that Wallpapers manufacturers are "shopping" for latex paint regardless of cost to regain lost ground. It is true that today's wallpapers are different from those of the same day. The high-end wallpapers are gradually shifting from the niche to the mass consumer market. The degree of consumer acceptance and the reduction of sales price can affect each other, but the specific impact depends on who bows first

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