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On April 25, according to foreign media reports, the disappointing performance from key iPhone suppliers can shift the focus to the project to be set by pressing the direction key, which is expected to arouse people's concern about Apple's stock and may indicate the end of the rise in technology stocks

as of the three trading days on Monday (22nd) local time in the United States, the stock price of Apple 3, which can also add accessories and do steel pipe zigzag test, has fallen by 7.1%, resulting in the evaporation of $63.9 billion from its market value. On Thursday morning, apple chip supplier TSM announced a weaker than expected performance forecast, which triggered a fall in Apple's share price

TSMC is the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer and Apple's most important chip partner. The company said its second quarter revenue is expected to be $7.8 billion to $7.9 billion, compared with Wall Street's estimate of $8.8 billion. The company attributed its forecast to "weak demand" in the industry

daniel ives, an analyst at GBH insights, wrote in a report to customers: "as apple entered the highly anticipated second quarter of fiscal 2018, Wall Street has fallen into a 'full panic mode' because its Asian supply chain showed that iPhone shipments in June were far lower than expected."

a senior industry analyst believes that TSMC's poor performance expectation is a precursor to the decline of the chip industry and the stock market

high tech strategist Fred Hickey wrote on social media: "TSMC's warning may pose a threat to the semiconductor (SOx) industry. Sox is the leading indicator of the entire stock market, and has remained rock solid (relatively strong) in the past two years."

not long ago, a top wall street company drastically lowered its iPhone sales forecast. The day after TSMC issued the warning, Morgan Stanley cut its iPhone sales in the June quarter from 40.5 million to 34 million

Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, wrote: "we are cautious about Apple's performance report to be released on May 1, because we believe that the consensus expectation for the quarter in June needs to be lowered. Apple's capital return announcement may be equivalent to a 'sale' event, especially the expected forecast has been substantially lowered."

another important Apple supplier also significantly lowered its performance forecast for the quarter in June. AMS Australia, a supplier of optical sensors used on iPhone x, said it expected its sales in the second quarter to be between us $220million and US $250million, down nearly 50% from the leading quarter

moritz Gmeiner, head of investor relations at AMS, said: "we can't discuss specific customers, but we see a significant decline in the business of large-scale intelligent projects, which has had a huge impact on the consumer business and the whole company."

it has achieved an annual growth rate of about 20% for four consecutive years. Wall Street attributed the weak performance expectations of the two suppliers to the poor iPhone x demand. Therefore, JPMorgan Chase expects that the performance of other semiconductor suppliers to be announced on June 1 will also be lower than expected

wireless semiconductor analyst billpeterson said in a report to customers: "the quarterly performance expectations of TSMC and AMS in June further prove the trend of slowing down Apple's demand, and the demand for iPhone x is particularly weak. In view of this, we believe that the consensus revenue/EPS forecast in June was too high, and we lowered our expectations for wireless semiconductor companies."

Mizuho Securities currently estimates that the demand for high-end new iPhones will drop significantly in the second half of 2018. The company said that it expected the production of iPhone in the second half of 2018 to decline by 2% year-on-year, while the sales of new models such as the successor of iPhone 9 and iPhone x would decline by 15% year-on-year

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