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Waiting for the new guidelines, Shanghai Tianjiao futures shrank sharply. The main 809 contract opened slightly higher, the futures price was unable to rise, and continued to fluctuate and decline. There was support at the 5-day moving average. Most of the time, it maintained a narrow consolidation near it. The intraday trading was light, and closed slightly lower. The position was slightly reduced compared with June 27. The opening price of the 809 contract was 27995 yuan, the highest was 28190 yuan, the lowest was 27550 yuan, and the closing price was 27805 yuan, down 170 yuan compared with the settlement price on June 27. The trading volume was 491786 hands, and the position was 130462 hands

from the technical point of view, Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. underperformed the 5-day moving average that had been stable for four consecutive trading days, and the closing of the tail market failed to effectively stand on the 5-day moving average, which has tired the momentum of the future market. From the weekly perspective, it is still far from the 5-day moving average, and the demand for technical correction. It is expected that there will be consolidation in the future market. As it is close to the record high and the pressure above is strong, it can not be ruled out whether the carbon fiber composite materials will be eliminated due to the high price. It is recommended to wait and see and wait for new guidance. As of the closing, it was reported at 27805, down 170

Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) Japanese gum base 4 When adjusting the speed gear, 1 must cut off the power supply. The quasi contract opened at 350.30 on Monday, with a maximum of 351.00 and a minimum of 347.40. The intraday volatility was lower, dragged down by the early drop of the high point of crude oil futures. However, Tokyo traders said that rubber may maintain a volatile trend due to the trend of NYMEX crude oil futures and foreign exchange market. In the long run, the K-line chart has made an upward breakthrough, and the weekly demand has been technically adjusted. As of the closing, it was reported at 346.30 yen per kilogram, down 3.4 yen

30 New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures continued to rise in the Asian electronic trading session, reaching above $141/barrel. At 11:55 Beijing time, NYMEX August crude oil futures rose $1.58 to $141.79/barrel. The settlement price of the contract rose 57 cents to a record high of $140.21 a barrel on the 27th, or 0.41%. The intraday trading range was $138.61 to $142.99, the latter being an intraday high. The previous record was the record settlement price of $139.64 set on June 26, and the intraday high of $140.39. Ice August Brent crude oil futures rose $1.41 to $141.72 a barrel. The settlement price of the contract rose 48 cents on the 27th to $140.31 a barrel, or 0.34%. The intraday trading range was between $138.99 and a record high of $142.97

basically, domestic inventory is still tight. According to the inventory data released by Shanghai Futures Exchange on Friday, as of last week, natural rubber inventory continued to decline by 1795 tons to 10225 tons. Due to abnormal weather, Thailand's production is expected to decrease, supporting the rubber price. Traders and exporters said Friday that Thailand, the world's largest rubber exporter, is expected to see its latex shipment volume fall by at least 5% in 2008 due to declining supply and high prices. According to the data of the Ministry of agriculture, Thailand exported about 510000 tons of latex in 2007, slightly lower than 550000 tons in the previous year. Another latex exporter said, "at least our company, I expect the export volume of concentrated latex this year will decline by% due to the decline of Tianjiao latex supply, our latex output will be reduced, and we will adopt advanced continuous production processes of hammer pressing, heat treatment and rolling." At the Thai Heai rubber center on Friday, the quotation of field latex was 99 baht. It is expected that the price will remain firm for the rest of this year

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