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Wacker silicone products are powerful in the automotive and medical industries.

Wacker released high-performance silicone rubber and silicone additive products for the automotive and medical industries to clamp samples at this Chinaplas 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, which can automatically complete the experimental process

it is reported that wacker's key exhibition products for the automotive industry include elastosil LR 307x self-adhesive silicone rubber, elastosil LR 384x oil permeable silicone rubber, liquid fluorosilicone and genioplast pellet s silicone additives used in the plastic field. Silpurin is another silicone rubber product launched by Wacker during the exhibition, which has the ultra-high purity required for medical applications

xujianrong, silicone business manager of ser engineering application in Greater China of Wacker chemical, said that the latest technologies in the field of hard/soft composites require additional processing procedures, expensive processing equipment and bold design, and often cannot meet the production requirements of complex components in the automotive industry. The self bonding technology of Wacker silicone can directly bond silicone to many thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and metals through chemical methods. The self-adhesive silicone rubber does not need preparatory work, additional design and error prone primer, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the production equipment

Wacker chemical aims at high-end application fields such as biology, medicine and medical treatment, and provides customers with high-quality nylon 66 thermal stability technology products and terminal services. Xujianrong especially introduced the silpurin silicone rubber series products. This product does not contain Organic plasticizers. They are also radiation proof and easy to disinfect (for example, they should be disinfected with hot steam in an autoclave) Its special product performance can fully meet the technical and safety requirements of the medical industry. All silpuran products comply with ISO 10933 and USP class VI standards and have passed relevant tests. Its typical applications include medical devices, wound care, prosthetics and plastic surgery

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