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Wal Wah launched new wheel excavators and sugarcane wood loaders

wal Wah launched new wheel excavators and sugarcane wood loaders

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recently, the new products of wal Wah Group, dlsa new wheel sugarcane wood loaders and dlsa new wheel excavators, achieved mass production and were successfully introduced to the market, receiving good response from agents and users. This product is a brand-new product developed by wal Wah by focusing on cutting-edge technologies at home and abroad, absorbing the opinions of users, concentrating top R & D forces, and cooperating closely with core suppliers. It is a comprehensive technical upgrade of dlsa series wheeled sugarcane wood loader and wheeled excavator. It has completed more than 80 technical upgrade projects, and its overall technical level, operating performance and handling comfort have reached the world advanced and domestic leading level

Wolverine DLS chemical fiber accounts for 83% of China's total textile fiber processing. A series of new wheeled excavators

the product has an atmospheric and stable appearance. The cab is equipped with air conditioning, sound and luxury seats, which meets the high requirements of modern workers for the handling comfort of implementing the first batch of insurance and compensation policies for new materials; The engine has large torque reserve coefficient, strong load-bearing capacity of power transmission system, high operation efficiency and stable working state; The pump, main valve and pilot valve of the hydraulic system have fast and slow speed gears, and all rotary reducers adopt imported well-known brands, so as to ensure the reliability of special ground wires for high working efficiency; The reinforced turntable and super long working arm are adopted to have a larger working range; The chassis is stable and reliable. It is equipped with front shovels and rear outriggers, which can be fully supported by front and rear hydraulic pressure. It has full ground lifting capacity and can work normally on harsh ground; It can be equipped with a variety of working AIDS, such as bucket, breaking hammer, wood grabber, screw drill, etc., to truly realize multi-functional use

wal Wah dlsa series new wheeled sugarcane wood handling machine

it is understood that during the development of the product, destructive tests were carried out for more than 1200 hours. After multiple rounds of wheel review and design modification, the overall improvement of product technology, performance and quality was finally realized. At present, the product has entered the stage of mass production. It has been tested in some markets and has been highly praised by agents and users. Once it is put on the market, it has received more than 50 orders from agents. The company is making every effort to organize production to ensure that it meets the market demand

wal Wah dlsa series new wheel excavator

wal Wah dlsa series new wheel sugarcane wood loader

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