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Wang Min and Xiang Wenbo talk about "the first case of Chinese foreign capital M & a"

Wang Min and Xiang Wenbo talk about "the first case of Chinese foreign capital M & a"_

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Guide: Wang Min: XCMG will not be the boss for a long time without throwing away the burden and building a mechanism. Xiangwenbo: in fact, I have never opposed foreign capital participating in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, nor has I ever opposed the introduction of foreign capital by enterprises. In the recent CCTV China economic person of the year selection activity, the central and eastern regions

Wang Min: XCMG will not be a long-term leader without throwing away the burden and building a mechanism

xiangwenbo: in fact, I have never opposed foreign capital participating in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, nor has I ever opposed the introduction of foreign capital by enterprises

in the recent CCTV annual people of the Chinese economy selection, the names of xiangwenbo and Wang Min appeared in the two candidate lists facing severe energy and environmental challenges in the central and eastern regions respectively. More than a year ago, few people knew these two people except insiders, but today, they have become symbols of Sany Heavy Industry and XCMG group. Referring to them, people will suddenly think of the protracted debate on "China's first case of foreign capital M & a". Wang Min told that he had never met xiangwenbo in the whole process of the case. However, their presence at the same event this time also made them face "intimate contact" with the inevitable Japanese catalyst to increase the production capacity of acrylic resin for optical materials

I met xiangwenbo and Wang Min in the two competition areas. Although the debate on XCMG's M & A case has gradually subsided, when it comes to this matter, xiangwenbo of Sany Heavy Industry and Wang Min of XCMG will talk about a lot of things. They are both bitter about the smoke of gunpowder that is gradually dispersing, but they seem to have some unfinished business

Xiang Wenbo frankly said that he didn't expect that the network would have such a great impact: "This is not the first time I have expressed my opinion about XCMG on my blog. At the industry conference at the end of last year, I strongly expressed my opinion. At that time, many industry members also agreed with my view. However, since it was only a closed door meeting of the industry, this information just didn't spread. So it doesn't mean that I didn't try other ways."

later, I met Wang Min at the selection site in Hangzhou. Wang Min talked a lot about XCMG's M & A. Wang Min, the leader of the industry, always waves his hands forcefully when he speaks, and shows more confidence of an old state-owned enterprise when he speaks. When asked who is the biggest competitor in China, Wang Min said: "In fact, everyone is my competitor and has their own strengths. For example, Sany Heavy Industry has more flexible mechanisms than me. Zoomlion has better products than me, and I am learning from them. But in terms of scale, no one can surpass me. My output value is 20 billion, and the second place is not even 10 billion. But they also have strengths. I have a very good relationship with the industry. First, it is an industry ethics, and we should support each other ; Second, we all know the problem of XCMG. If we don't throw away the burden and build a mechanism, XCMG will not be the boss for a long time. "

XCMG's merger and acquisition case, which has lasted for more than a year, has become a hot topic both inside and outside the industry. Although the incident has not been decided yet, no matter who is right or wrong, the collision between two men on the cusp of the storm undoubtedly became a major event in China's economy in 2006

dialogue with Xiang Wenbo

: what do you think of the relationship between entrepreneurs and enterprises

xiangwenbo: This is the interaction between roles. We should all consider it. For me, I am the CEO of Sany Heavy Industry. At the same time, I should also consider what obligations I have to do as a citizen of the society. "Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the country". When you realize that the development of this situation is very important to the country, you have the right to express your own views. The point of view is not necessarily right, but this awareness is necessary. At the same time, as the person in charge of an enterprise, the development of XCMG incident is a major event involving the development of the industry. XCMG is the No. 1 brand in our industry. The demonstration effect brought about by his M & A is bound to affect the competition pattern of the whole industry. If XCMG is controlled by 85% of Carlyle, most of China's heavy industry machinery will be controlled by foreign capital. At the same time, some negative information will also affect the value evaluation of the whole industry

: you should also be a stakeholder

xiangwenbo: Yes, we are all stakeholders, because it involves the interests of the country. As citizens, we are all stakeholders. As a member of the industry, I know him better, and I have more qualifications and confidence to say so. So no matter from which angle, I should express my ideas. In fact, selling XCMG will not cause too much damage to our country. The problem is that we need to set a bottom line. If there is no bottom line and this model is copied, the result will be disastrous. So now we need to discuss a bottom line that no one can exceed. Only then can we say that our country has established a security management mechanism

: what do you think of the 50% results of XCMG Carlyle after adjustment

xiangwenbo: as I have said, the whole adjustment is in the direction I want. I am also very satisfied with the result. At that time, I had two opinions. First, Carlyle could not absolutely control XCMG. Second, the transaction price was too low. Now, after revision, they have responded to these two aspects. I think this direction is right. I have already said everything I want to say about XCMG's case. I believe that from the government to the society, all sides have heard my voice. XCMG is only a case in itself. There is no need to dwell on this case too much. I just want to draw out the issues to be concerned through the discussion of this case. Now that this goal has been achieved, there is no need to dwell on the details

: what will be the next step of Sany's enterprise development

xiangwenbo: Sany will continue to be based on construction machinery. In addition, we will be based on Sany's internationalization and enterprise innovation

: what does "internationalization" mean

xiangwenbo: we are currently investing in India. We have established our own sales agencies in more than 100 countries in the world. We hope that by 2010 or 2012, our domestic and international sales will reach parity

: will Sany consider introducing international investors if development needs

xiangwenbo: you raised this question very well. In fact, I have never opposed foreign capital participating in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, nor has I ever opposed the introduction of foreign capital by enterprises. Because global economic integration is a trend, no one can stop it, nor is it necessary for anyone to close themselves. The key is to consider many factors in this process, that is, the interests of the country, the interests of the industry and the interests of consumers

dialogue with Wang Min

: some people say that the merger and acquisition between XCMG and Carlyle is a loss of state-owned assets. What do you think

Wang Min: some people say that I sell at a low price (XCMG). I don't count whether I sell at a low price or not. Xiangwenbo doesn't count. The national industrial department does. This is a standard question. You say it's 10 yuan, he says it's 20 yuan. Who will decide this? Only through competition. I don't want to mention him (xiangwenbo), because he is in the industry, and he hasn't maliciously attacked me. He is talking about things, but he can't understand things. Without investigation and research, he has said a lot... If he doesn't understand, it will actually become clear gradually. He will gradually understand what kind of norms, openness and benefits XCMG

: what will be the impact on the industry after M & A

Wang Min: it is impossible to rely on scale growth alone. Therefore, as a pioneer in Chinese enterprises, I want to make my enterprises cross the ocean and cross the sea, go out of stylization and take the path of scientific and technological innovation. In this way, I must find an enterprise that is basically polycarbonate, which is the same as my enterprise. It not only takes money, but also makes money, gets fixed assets, gets mechanisms, and gets access to the international market. This is the name of a large Chinese enterprise? The Chinese market is good and everyone makes money. If the market is bad in the future, you can still stand up and compete with others. This is called preparing for a rainy day. This is called the sense of hardship. I can't be arrogant. I have a sense of hardship. I have been in the construction machinery industry for 35 years. XCMG has both good and bad aspects in this industry. I want to make it a world-class enterprise for a long time and a proud enterprise for the Chinese people. This is my goal

: when will this matter come to an end

Wang Min: it's still early. I am two out of fifty this year. I will retire after another eight years. I want to say here that in five to ten years, I will make XCMG a highly competitive enterprise and an enterprise that Chinese people are proud of

: how confident

Wang Min: confidence, as long as I live... (laughter). It's not easy for a state-owned enterprise. A doctor with 7 years of clinical experience, the eldest son of the Republic, where is the road, how to go out of a new way, follow the rules and follow the innovation. What I need is leapfrog innovation. I recently studied some documents of the Central Committee, and since the Fourth Plenary Session of the 15th CPC Central Committee, I have emphasized the use of two markets and two resources to make strategic restructuring and adjustment. It must be open-ended, and closed-ended is absolutely not. As long as you have control, open-ended, this road must be taken

: do you think it is difficult for entrepreneurs to be bosses of state-owned enterprises or private enterprises

Wang Min: I have experience as a state-owned enterprise. I'm afraid I can't do it if I want to be a private enterprise. I've never been a boss. I'm the chairman. But I can't be a government official either. Each has his own advantages

: XCMG has been fired. What do you think of the whole process

Wang Min: from the very beginning, I knew that XCMG would not be so simple. At that time, there was an atmosphere of innovation and brand creation. At that time, it was reported to the leaders of the Ministry of Commerce. The leaders also said too much. Could Carlyle make a little concession? It wasn't fired by xiangwenbo. As soon as xiangwenbo started his business, the common people knew that it was the concern of the industry and the relevant departments. As soon as he started his blog, everyone paid attention to it. Non insiders have irrational things. Fortunately, exercise is good for me. I have been learning from private enterprises and market awareness. XCMG's big body would not be today without internal reform. My greatest strength is not creation but learning. I am stupid and can only learn (laugh)

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