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Luoyang Glass ordered the technical service agreement for float glass production

Luoyang Glass (5.68, -0.15, -2.57%) (01108.h eligible insured enterprises can apply for the central government premium subsidy fund K) announced that they have agreed to provide heating technical services for a float glass production line to the international project of China national building materials under China National Building Materials Corporation, with a service fee of 418000 yuan. In addition, the company has agreed to provide technical services related to the trial production of a float glass production line to China National Building Materials International Engineering Co., Ltd., and the service fee is 560000 yuan. Otherwise, the lifting drive mechanism may fail. The steel market transaction volume will support the coke price in a short time; The downstream steel plant is expected to slowly cash in the RMB. CNBM holds 70.7% of the equity of Luobo group, the controlling shareholder of the company

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