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Luoyang weisige: Aiming at the robot industry to develop high-precision bearings

Luo Yang weisige: Aiming at the robot industry to develop high-precision bearings

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bearings with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm, have you seen them? Recently, the author saw in Luoyang weisige Bearing Co., Ltd. that a bearing produced by the company has a wall thickness of 2.5 mm and an inner diameter of 8 cm, which is as exquisite as a bracelet

"this is a thin-walled bearing with constant cross-section produced by the company with oxygen cutting and other methods." Liuchengbin, a senior engineer of the company, said that unlike ordinary bearings, the cross-sectional size of constant cross-section thin-walled bearings in the same series is unchanged, and it does not increase with the increase of inner diameter

in 2004, weisige company proposed to develop equal section thin-wall bearings. "At that time, the vast majority of domestic enterprises were still unfamiliar with constant cross-section thin-wall bearings, and we proposed to determine this as the future development direction of enterprises." Liu Chengbin said that the reason why the company is determined to research and develop constant cross-section thin-wall bearings is that with the development of the robot industry, miniaturization and lightweight will be the development trend of robot bearings. Constant cross-section thin-walled bearings can effectively save space, reduce weight, reduce friction, and improve the rotation accuracy, making the miniaturization and lightweight of the host possible. In addition, the use of thin-walled bearings with large inner holes and small cross-sections that can show nt and JT curves can make water pipes, cables, etc. pass through the hollow shaft, making the design more simple

thin wall is the biggest advantage of thin-wall bearings with constant cross-section, and it is also the biggest "trouble" of manufacturing enterprises - thin wall makes it more difficult to process and measure. According to Liu Chengbin, the R & D personnel of the company have consulted a large number of materials to understand in detail the relevant products and standards of the internationally famous industrial robot bearing manufacturers. After repeated process tests, the processing technology standards of weisige company have been formed

it is not only difficult to process thin-walled bearings with equal cross-section, but also difficult to detect whether the bearings meet the standard. Weisige company has specially developed testing equipment for thin-walled bearings with equal cross-section. "With this set of processing and testing equipment, the company can not only produce various specifications of constant cross-section thin-wall bearings, but also achieve the highest P2 level of accuracy." Liu Chengbin said that the company has applied for 17 national patents, of which 7 utility model patents have been authorized, 10 invention patent applications have been accepted, and a number of technologies have filled the domestic gap

"the robot industry is an emerging industry and an important direction for the future development of bearing enterprises." Liu Chengbin said that the product performance is stable. In recent years, weisige company has also successively produced cross cylindrical roller bearings, harmonic reducer flexible bearings and RV Reducer bearings, which are widely used in robotics, aerospace and other fields, and the products are exported to many countries and regions

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