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Luoyang Petrochemical completed the energy-saving goal of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" one year in advance. In 2009, the comprehensive energy consumption of Luoyang Petrochemical's annual 10000 yuan output value was 0.611 tons of standard coal, 0.059 units lower than the target issued by the headquarters, a year-on-year decrease of 0.043 tons of standard coal. By the end of 2009, Luoyang Petrochemical had saved 167900 tons of standard coal during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period. Generally, the test space of 1000 ⑴ 500mm was selected one year ahead of schedule, which became the energy-saving goal of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" issued by Henan provincial government

2009 is the key year to achieve the energy-saving goal of the eleventh five year plan. With the care and support of the leaders of the headquarters, Luoyang Petrochemical takes the principle of "rational use of energy and optimization of the use of bayblend fr flame retardant polycarbonate ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) mixture is the ideal material energy for battery seats and battery modules", takes the implementation of energy-saving projects and measures by all staff as the starting point, takes strict assessment as the driving force, and focuses on the working ideas of "management energy conservation, optimization energy conservation and technical energy conservation", The energy-saving indicators issued by the headquarters have been well completed, and new progress has been made in energy-saving work

a red flag inspires energy conservation enthusiasm. In 2009, on the basis of maintaining the original "five red flags" labor competition, Luoyang Petrochemical adjusted the content of the "five red flags" labor competition according to the actual situation of energy conservation work, and added the "energy conservation and consumption reduction" mobile red flag labor competition. At the beginning of each month, the company will publicly praise and reward the units that completed the indicators of the previous month and achieved remarkable results in energy conservation work, creating an atmosphere of "learning, catching up and Surpassing". All units carry forward the momentum of "carrying the red flag and competing for the first place", challenge themselves, challenge the advanced, catch up with each other, and stimulate their enthusiasm for energy conservation

strengthen basic management and create a good atmosphere. In 2009, Luoyang Petrochemical further strengthened the basic management of energy, improved the energy management network, improved the energy management system, strengthened the management by objectives, and improved the assessment system. Strengthen the professional management of energy, and strengthen the analysis of energy consumption and abnormal energy of important energy using facilities. Strengthen energy-saving publicity and training, carry out energy-saving research activities, and set up reports of waste of energy. Through a series of basic work, we have created a good atmosphere and effectively promoted the development of energy conservation

optimize process energy consumption and reduce unit energy consumption. In view of the reality of enterprise energy conservation, Luoyang Petrochemical will optimize the production process and use energy as an important starting point for energy conservation, and continue to reduce the energy consumption of devices. Optimize the scheme of processing refined wax oil and reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of the unit. Realize the heat supply between devices, and optimize the cooling load and heating load of upstream and downstream devices. Pay attention to the optimization of the tower, explore the experience of process "edge clamping" operation, and realize the reduction of unit energy consumption. Optimize the process of air supply scheme, combine the air supply of chemical fiber and oil refining, and effectively reduce the unit consumption of circulating water and electricity for air supply. Strengthen the management of important and key energy facilities such as heating furnaces, smoke machines and frequency converters, maintain their efficient operation and reduce energy consumption. Professional institutions were hired to optimize the process energy system and steam of the whole plant, and put forward a number of feasible energy-saving optimization schemes

in addition, Luoyang Petrochemical also relies on technological progress to continue to promote energy conservation. In 2009, it has successively implemented new energy-saving technologies such as low-temperature waste heat lithium bromide refrigeration technology, high-efficiency thermal insulation coating technology for heavy oil tank top, and high-efficiency three-dimensional flow energy-saving rotor technology for pumps. After the application of these technologies, obvious energy-saving effects have been achieved

in 2009, Luoyang Petrochemical processed 7.0986 million tons of raw oil, and the refining energy consumption was 64.53 kg standard oil/ton, a year-on-year decrease of 2.86 units, and the comprehensive energy consumption of chemical fiber was 222.6 kg standard oil/ton, a year-on-year decrease of 32.2 units. By the end of 2009, the cumulative energy savings during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period was 167900 tons of standard coal, one year ahead of schedule to complete the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" energy conservation goal issued by the Henan provincial government

at the 2010 group company energy conservation compliance video conference held on March 15, Luoyang Petrochemical Rong we usually hope that the materials have good durability and won seven honors, including the advanced energy conservation standards of four majors including chemical industry, oil refining, aromatics and synthetic fiber, as well as the excellent self Progress Award in the first catalytic device energy conservation competition, the excellent self Progress Award in the diesel hydrogenation device energy conservation competition, and the excellent third prize in the water saving special competition

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