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Luoyang Glass Puyang ultra white photothermal material project has passed the environmental protection approval and is expected to achieve pilot production within the year.

during the reporting period, the Puyang ultra white photothermal material project invested by the company is continuously promoted. The basic construction of the plant of Puyang ultra white photothermal material project and the attached facilities of some large-scale and qualified water purifier production enterprises has been basically completed, and the installation of key equipment has been completed by 70%. It is expected to realize ignition trial production within this year

at the same time, Puyang Guangcai's "environmental impact assessment of ultra white photothermal material project" has been approved by Puyang County Environmental Protection Bureau (Pu county environmental review transaction 1 general table [2017] No. 40)

in addition, the report shows that the company has increased the investment of 190,82040.62 yuan to the 400 ton ultra white photothermal material project, with a total investment of 274589496.74 yuan, and the project progress has reached 34.32%

according to the report, the main business of Luoyang Glass is divided into two parts: information display glass and new energy glass. Its production technology of ultra-thin glass and ultra-white ultra-thin float glass maintains the leading position of domestic production enterprises

the company is the birthplace of "Luoyang float glass technology", and has won the "national float glass quality award Silver Award", "gold Invention Award", "national consumer trusted products", "well-known trademarks", "national first prize for scientific and technological progress" and other honors

Jin Min has set up a strong scientific research team

under the internal economic cycle, the R & D and utilization of new materials at the China Chengdu Construction Expo in April 2021 showed innovation ability and comprehensive national strength to a certain extent; From a domestic perspective, new opportunities for the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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