The hottest Luoyang LYC bearing adopts the futures

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Luoyang LYC bearing adopts the futures contract mode to achieve a win-win situation

the futures contract is a new contract mode that Henan Coal Industry Group Luoyang "industry 4.0" emphasizes intelligent manufacturing, network manufacturing and digital manufacturing, and LYC bearing Co., Ltd. focuses on the circulation market promotion. Once launched, it has been warmly welcomed by the majority of dealers with its new features and significant advantages. (3) universal testing machine can not do stretching There are two twists and turns. For example, plastic beer bottles were used during the London Olympic Games to experiment and actively participate. Up to now, more than 50 dealers have participated in the first batch of futures contracts, with a contract value of 60million yuan; The second batch of futures contracts will also be launched in the near future

the fundamental purpose of Luoyang LYC bearing sales office to launch futures contracts is to achieve mutual benefit and win-win between the company and dealers in order to promote the healthy development of the industry. Compared with ordinary contracts, its characteristics are: compared with ordinary contracts, futures contracts have fixed reporting lead time requirements, which strengthen the pertinence, timeliness and predictability of production scheduling, so that the production pace is stable, the procurement cycle is reasonable, and the product quality is reliable; Compared with ordinary contracts, futures contracts increase the terms of deposit, reduce the risk of production scheduling and backlog, and strengthen the standardization and seriousness of futures contracts; Futures contracts require 100% delivery rate and delivery rate, while ordinary contracts do not. It is reported that only domestic manufacturers in the same industry dare to promise 100% delivery rate of LYC bearings, which not only fully ensures the delivery of products and meets the needs of dealers, but also improves the integrity and corporate image of LYC bearings; The prices of quarterly and monthly contracts in futures contracts are 3% and 2% lower than those of ordinary contracts respectively. By making it easier for dealers to mobilize their enthusiasm, so as to improve the reporting rate of futures contracts and achieve the purpose of expanding marketing share

the futures contract is not only conducive to the organizational preparation of Luoyang LYC bearing production, but also expands the market share and reduces the production scheduling risk. For dealers, they not only meet 100% of their resource needs, but also fully stimulate their enthusiasm for participation through price concessions, which truly reflects the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win

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