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On November 7, it was learned from the Publicity Department of Luoyang Institute of technology that in the 12th "Challenge Cup" National College Students' extracurricular academic and technological work 4. Experimental space (excluding piston travel): 7m; In the competition, the new type of subway sound barrier material - aluminum sound absorption plate made by three students including Wang Xiaodan of the college won the third prize at one stroke. It is understood that the main raw material of aluminum fiber sound-absorbing board, which is widely used as the sound barrier material for subway, can only be produced in Japan, and the cost of application in China is relatively high

material problems found in travel

Wang Xiaodan is a senior student in the Department of material science and engineering of Luoyang Institute of technology. In the summer vacation of 2009, when Wang Xiaodan, a sophomore, was traveling in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the noise of the subway made her interested in studying materials, and finally promoted a "big idea"

"when the subway operates in a closed environment, it should produce a lot of noise. However, why can we still easily talk to each other as the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of Anhui non ferrous metal Standardization Technical Committee in the subway?" Throughout the journey, this problem has been bothering Wang Xiaodan. After returning to school, Wang Xiaodan immediately found the teacher and asked about the "mystery" here. "The top of the subway is equipped with sound barrier materials, which can absorb sound and reduce noise." The teacher's answer made Wang Xiaodan suddenly enlightened. However, the teacher's next words let Wang Xiaodan fall into the thinking of sinking electronic tensile testing machine as a widely used testing equipment again

the teacher told her that the general sound barrier materials are inorganic fibers and plant fibers. As the subway environment is relatively humid, over time, these materials will be powdered due to excessive water absorption, affecting the sound absorption effect. "Since these materials are easily powdered, why not use more durable alternative materials?" Wang Xiaodan began to be interested in new materials

two years of experiments have yielded fruitful results

with the help of teachers, Wang Xiaodan consulted a large number of data about sound barrier materials, and finally found that metal sound-absorbing materials are more suitable for research, and have a good prospect. In order to better explore and study the application effect of metal sound-absorbing materials in the subway sound barrier, under the guidance of the teacher, Wang Xiaodan officially established his own "scientific research team", with a total of 3 members, all of whom are students from the Department of material science and engineering of Luoyang Institute of Technology, including Fang Baolei of the same grade and Zhang Mingzhu, a grade lower than them

since the project was approved in 2009, Wang Xiaodan's scientific research team has spent two years to produce a new type of sound barrier material for Subway - aluminum sound absorption plate after experiments and repeated tests and referring to relevant foreign reports

new materials have broad prospects

at present, the main raw materials of the widely used subway sound barrier materials can only be produced in Japan, and the cost of application in China is high. The new subway sound barrier material produced by Wang Xiaodan's scientific research team of Luoyang Institute of technology is not only ultra-thin and light, but also has excellent sound absorption performance, convenient processing and installation, and low cost

These two chemicals are important raw materials for the production of polycarbonate

"performance tests show that the performance of this new material in terms of sound absorption is equivalent to that of imported sound absorption panels." Wang Xiaodan said that more importantly, the price is much lower than that of imported raw materials

Wang Xiaodan said that this new type of sound barrier material developed by them can be used not only in subways, but also in the walls or ceilings of large spaces such as airports and concert halls, as well as in the sound barriers of elevated highways, highways, substations or cooling towers, as well as sound-absorbing materials in underground humid environments such as stadiums and tunnels. It has a very broad prospect

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